I’ve worked with many dedicated, talented people throughout my career. Several of them offered to recommend my work.

Susan Sewell
Business Services Systems Manager at Education and Training Systems International, Inc.
Susan worked with me in different groups at ETSI.

Heather was an exceptional employee for our company, who’s attention to detail and time lines made her a very successful editor. We remain good friends and have traveled internationally together so I continue to appreciate her many strengths, including staying calm under pressure, good planning and preparation, and love of learning. She thrives on using her computer editing and design skills to communicate important ideas in the most useful way.

Matthew Ray
Experienced Creative Communications Professional
I worked with Matthew at Environmental Health Perspectives.

Heather is highly intelligent, highly skilled, attentive to details, professional, and has an impeccable work ethic. I have known Heather for many years, she is a pleasure to work with and I consider her to be a great friend. Heather is a person of integrity and has my highest recommendation.

Sarah Dwyer
Communications Professional
I worked with Sarah at IntraHealth International.

Heather is the best kind of colleague anyone could be lucky enough to work with. Curious how she did something? She’ll patiently explain it to you, giving exactly the right amount of detail. Looking for input? She’ll review carefully and respond promptly. For seven years I worked with Heather in the same department, and she provided me with a wealth of insights, answers, and great suggestions. She has a fabulous sense of humor, too! I’ve been impressed with her depth and breadth of knowledge on eLearning, and I admire her writing expertise. She’s a gem.

Thomas Goehl
Executive Director at Guatemalan Student Support Group
Thomas was senior to me (Editor in Chief) at Environmental Health Perspectives.

Heather is an expert in her area. She always responded promptly to any requests for website updates. Not only was she prompt, she was accurate in her execution of the task. In addition, she is one of the most pleasant people I have ever worked with. Heather is an ideal employee whom I’d hire again if I were in a position to do so.

Laura Hoemeke
Director of Communications and Advocacy at IntraHealth International
Laura was director of my division at IntraHealth.

Heather has been an ideal colleague and team player who consistently demonstrates a can-do attitude and follow through. She is a skilled problem solver who digs in to find the right–and often seamless– solutions to organizational challenges. Her eLearning and web development skills are versatile, and she is a quick learner who adapts to and takes on new challenges with gusto.

Nick Ford
International Project Leader
Nick worked with me in different groups at IntraHealth.

Heather and I collaborated on an innovative leadership program, designing eLearning courses and moderating live webinars. She has consistently been a pleasure to work with, helping out by exploring new technologies and teaching us how to use them. She is an active problem solver, approaching new challenges with enthusiasm and determination. Heather is a valuable team member and she delivers high quality products, on time.

Peter Kariuki
Director, Global Talent Management at ChildFund International
Peter worked with me in different groups at IntraHealth.

I worked with Heather as we planned and developed course content for the Leadership Program. Working with Heather in this Program was such a delight. She provided great e Learning and Instructional design expertise demonstrating deep knowledge in technology and delivery of learning. Heather demonstrates true service excellence, a high sense of urgency and accuracy to detail. Her passion for learning and utilizing technology to reach staff in the farthest places is remarkable.
I therefore highly recommend Heather in her career pursuits.

Paul Cardullo
Web Developer / Systems Administrator at IntraHealth International
Paul was my supervisor at Environmental Health Perspectives and worked with me at IntraHealth.

I have known Heather Valli professionally for over 15 years in two different companies, and I can say that you will not find a better, more dedicated employee than her. I am in the unique position that Heather has worked both as an employee supervised by myself and as a stakeholder to whom I reported.
– Hard working – Heather works very well with minimal supervision, but she also functions well with a more hands-on managerial approach. As her supervisor, I could always count on Heather to put forth the extra effort to get a job done.
– Knowledgeable – Heather has wide range of technical skills, and is always eager to expand her knowledge base and experience with new technologies. She also knows well enough to recognize the times where she needs to consult additional technical guidance.
– Inquisitive – Heather often has been the lead and force behind exploring new technologies and adopting them where appropriate. On more than a few occasions, Heather has alerted me to what turned out to be upcoming trends in web development.
– Works well with others – Over the years, I have seen Heather work well with a wide variety of personality types and within a range of work environments. In all cases, Heather has been able to adjust to whatever the person dynamics are of the group.
– Excellent communicator – With her technical and communication skills, I could always count upon Heather to act as liaison between the technical staff and the non-technical, editorial staff.
– Problem solver – Heather’s problem solving skills are top notch. Whether it was a technical issue for which a work-around was needed, a logistical problem that needed to be worked out, or some other issue, I could count on Heather to contribute significantly to the finding the solution.
In short, I give Heather Valli my highest recommendation. I am certain that you will find that she will make a valuable employee.

Kris Horvath
Knowledge Management Technical Advisor at IntraHealth International
Kris was my manager at IntraHealth.

I have known Heather for nearly seven years, and I have served as her direct supervisor for the past two.

During this time, I tasked her with taking over our internal corporate eLearning operations, and in this role her work has proven to be exceptional in several respects. Heather has a thorough grasp of best practices in the field of training and development that, combined with a lively curiosity about how people learn and what motivates them to seek out learning opportunities, leaves her dissatisfied with pat answers to difficult questions. She went beyond accepting the infrastructure handed to her, instead working steadily and productively to improve how our employees pursued their professional development.

She has successfully led project teams, keeping different personalities on track, while under the pressure of challenging deadlines. A key accomplishment reflecting this is her shepherding of a significant upgrade to our corporate learning management system.

She is very good at working with other people. She is considerate, good-humored, and has demonstrated time and again her rare ability to gauge other people’s level of understanding about the topic at hand, and alter her rhetorical approach to enable the other party to feel informed about options available to them.

Jonathan Kidder
Web Developer, Michigan State University Library
I worked with Jonathan at IntraHealth.

Heather is an excellent editor, an insightful collaborator, and knows the value of timely triage. Her in-stride manner well-conveys the confidence and passion with which she approaches her work.