Here are some of my posts from the Duke Learning Innovation blog.

Educational Graphics: Five Considerations

pen and notebookMany instructors go beyond text and tables and use graphic elements to illustrate their educational materials. When chosen and applied carefully, graphics can add valuable context and information. When chosen poorly, graphics can confuse students and interfere with their understanding of key concepts.

Here are some things to think about when developing educational graphics . . . article continues here »

That’s Awesome! Project-Centered MOOCs

Imagine teaching a course and having to do little—or even no—grading. Now imagine that that course still leads the students to clearly demonstrate their mastery of complex material. That kind of course exists . . . article continues here »

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Here’s one of my articles for IntraHealth International.

A Decade of Experience in Armenia: Improving Health and Health Care

The picture in 2001: A highly literate country with strong educational institutions, Armenia had the infrastructure in place to serve its three million citizens. Yet the health system was inefficient and not meeting the needs of the population . . . article continues here »